Tang Soo Do Certification

Tang Soo Do Certification

Approximately every seven weeks Tang Soo Do students are tested to see if they qualify to advance to the next level. Certification fees cover the following:
– Paperwork processing and filing fees with the Tang Soo Do Alliance.
– The new belt the student has earned.

2021-2021 Testing Schedule:
Thursday, September 30th (paperwork/payment due Thursday, September 9th)
Thursday, November 18th (paperwork/payment due Thursday, October 28th)
Thursday, January 13th (paperwork/payment due Thursday, December 17th)
Thursday, March 3rd (paperwork/payment due Thursday, February 17th)
Thursday, April 21st (paperwork/payment due Thursday, March 31st)
Thursday, June 9th (paperwork/payment due Thursday, May 19th)

Photography Schedule:
Tuesday, October 5th
Tuesday, November 23rd
Tuesday, January 18th
Tuesday, March 8th
Tuesday, April 26th
Tuesday, June 14th


Testing and Certification

All Locations
7/28/21 - 7/28/28

Registration Information  

Open Close Register At MemberNon-Member
7/28/21 7/29/28 Online / Front Desk $ 35.00$ 35.00

Available Sessions

07/28/21 - 07/28/28